Why Am I here?

Ever since I could remember, I have chosen writing things down as a way of escaping reality. I have thought that it could help me to see what I have been through so far from a distance. Thus and thus I can consider the ways how to rectify and evaluate them rationally.
But the crystal clear fact is that I have always put them down when I feel not okay, depressed, under the weather, or alone. I don’t know the number of my diaries that I have kept so far. Some of them were thrown away because of the feeling of embarrassment or lack of self-acceptance.
However, I can’t deny it helped me somehow from time to time. At least I could get my head together, thanks to writing.
I have never thought that I could share my writing with people who have no idea about me. Like all people in the world, I have life going on as well. Sometimes I have gone through hoops, whiles I have achieved success. I have cried, laughed, thought about suicide attempts…
But I am here with all my flaws and rawness. I learned no to feel cheap, probably I still am. As long as it makes me alive, fertile, and creative, I will be stick to it. What makes me “me” is the things I have done by now is not it, whether good or bad…

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