Being an Empath

Empathy refers to “feeling what another person is feeling.“. Compassion on the other hand means “to suffer with”. I have been wondering so long do I have to be this compassionate that makes me overly sensitive. I have been always obsessed to be understood completely and truly plus I do what I expect from others maybe more.

But as an empath in this chaotic world, unfortunately, we are constantly being misunderstood, even though we keep understanding of others, including their hidden motives and emotions. This does not sound fair at all.Sometimes I found myself drowning in someone else’s pain deeply and desperately and so much pain that I can not deal with makes me feel depressed and intense. At that moment I feel like I have to do something to make the sufferer relief and saved. I remind myself that my inner strength causes this so I try to soothe myself by thinking from this angle.

But to speak of disadvantages I have experienced so far, it is not easy to cope with them all; While constantly battling with emotional fatigue, small things have the power to upset me, saying no to someone makes me feel like I am disappointing them, putting boundaries is kind of impossible which is essential for any relationship.

In this writing, I have chosen to mention the dark side of compassion and empathy as you see.I am so sick of fighting this. Too hard to handle with. There is nothing heavier than compassion. Not even my pain weighs so heavy as the pain I feel with someone.This much suffering made me decided that “Too much of a good thing is bad.”.If people in this cruel world may have a little bit of compassion and empathy, this world would be a more decent and livable place to maintain lives for people, especially with a gentle heart.

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