Let The Downsides of Perfectionism Go

The more immense the topic, the harder it is to start writing about. Here is one of them. Me myself, as a battling and surviving victim of perfectionism, can undoubtedly say that it feels like running on a treadmill.

The downsides of perfectionism are quite a lot. Making life harder than it is, missing rich opportunities because waiting for the quite right time to start it over which does not exist ever, living on edges (no in-betweens), recognizing everything good or bad, black or white, success or failure, right or wrong. However open-minded and clever you are, it still puts blinders on your eyes which inhibit your natural talents and abilities because of the fear of failure.

As is seen, I aspired to mention bad aspects of being a perfectionist concerning having been suffered far too much so far. I believe that any perfectionist is familiar with feeling under the pressure of their very own selves, procrastinating their plans or tasks for more suitable times, not accepting their flaws, self-criticizing more than it should be…
Rather than acknowledging their success, being proud and satisfied with what they have, instead, they drown in distress, anxiety, and self-condemnation since their goals are too utopic to become real.

But why do we torture ourselves by insisting on perfectionism which is not a behavior but a way of thinking? I have struggled enough and want this to end. Indeed I know it is completely in my hands. I have some ideas to cope with it. It may be easy and good to start accepting that perfectionism is not about high standards it is about unrealistic standards. So adjusting our standards and expectations deserves a chance to be considered. To deal with constant procrastination, creating realistic schedules, and breaking down larger tasks into manageable steps might be helpful. Making small changes is a better way to make the process easier such as arriving at a meeting on time rather than ten minutes earlier.

Easier said than done, I know…But I am in the same boat. Realizing that this life is given us a gift and making it better to live in marvelous conditions is up to us. So let’s start now not next Monday. With little steps day by day we will see it works. Felling freer and at ease will give us the power to keep going.

2 thoughts on “Let The Downsides of Perfectionism Go

  1. perfectionism is just the constant saying to oneself that you are “incompetent”. We feel inadequate, judge ourselves, and strive for more. We kill the potential, the motivation within us. The best, the most beautiful, the most, the most and always the best… “The best” kills the good. We have to challenge ourselves and get rid of this toxic feeling.

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